Timely On-line Training.   
for Canadian Real Estate Investors

Host: Dave Dubeau

Canadian Real Estate Entrepreneur, Author, Trainer and Consultant.  
Creator: The Money Partner Formula.

Our Experts Include *...

(*Subject to change)

Guest Expert: Barry McGuire

Canada's leading real estate lawyer.  
On this Live ON-LINE FORUM You're Going To Learn...
  • Top CANADIAN Real Estate Experts Bring Their BEST IDEAS to the table.
  • Actionable tips and ideas for MINIMIZING the impact of this COVID-19 CRISIS on your real estate investing right now.
  • Suggestions on how best to MAINTAIN your real estate investing business during the CRISIS.
  • Some potential 'silver linings' and possible opportunities that may come out of this whole situation.
  • Turn Fear and REACTION into PRO-ACTIVE actions NOW!
  • Ask Your Questions and Get Answers LIVE.

Guest Expert: Stefan Aarnio

One of Canada's leading 'flipping' experts.  Author, Trainer, Investor.

Guest Expert: Mandy Branham

JV specialist, investor, coach. 

Guest Expert: Sarah Larbi

Real Estate Investor - BRRR specialist, Podcast Host. Co-founder the REITE Club. 

Guest Expert: Rich Danby

Real Estate Investor, President of the Ottawa Real Estate Investors Organization.

Guest Expert: Sarah Eder

Full-time Investor . Social Media Expert

Guest Experts: Corey & Tiffany Young

Full-time Investors , Founders of Investor Life (& Fearless Investor's FB Group)

Guest Expert: Matt McKeever

Investor, Realtor, Host of Canada's #1 Real Estate YouTube Show

Guest Expert: James Svetec

Air BnB Authority and Investor.

Guest Experts: Melanie and Dave Dupuis

Investors, Speakers & Authors.

Guest Expert: Edna Keep

Multi-Family Investor, educator, coach

Guest Expert: Ken Beaton

Multi-Family Investor, author, educator & creative thinking guy.

Guest Expert: Bruce Firestone

Real Estate Investor, Author, Coach, Founder of the Ottawa Senators

Guest Expert: Alfonso Cuadra

Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur, Author, Trainer. 

Guest Expert: Daniel St.-Jean

Rent-to-Own Investor, Author, Co-founder of The REITE Club

Guest Expert: Dan Heon

Investor, Finance Specialist, Investor-Focused Mortgage Broker

Guest Expert: Cam Rowland

Investor, "Creative Real Estate Coach"

Guest Expert: Marcin Drozdz

Serial Entrepreneur - Investor - Author.

Guest Expert: Dalia Barsoum

Finance Specialist, Author, Investor
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